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„Das rumort gewaltig im Untergrund“, schreibt das Reeperbahn Festival über Mother’s Cake. Und Recht haben sie. Seit ihrer Gründung im Jahr 2008 haben die beiden Studioalben Creation‘s Finest (2012/ feat. Ikey Owens, Ex-Keyboarder von The Mars Volta, Jack White) und Love The Filth (2015) schon eine Menge Staub aufgewirbelt. Als "psychedelisch, progressiv, düster und absolut tanzbar und funky" beschreibt das Eclipsed Magazin den Sound des Trios, Classic Rock kreierte kurzerhand das Genre „(Retro)-Crossover" und SLAM schrieb von „oberster musikalischer Güteklasse“.

2018 erschien das 2. Live-Album LIVE AT BERGISEL, das perfekt die rohe, pure Energie ihrer Shows einfängt, die auch schon etliche Rock-Größen aufhorchen ließ. Bands wie die Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, Deftones, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Limp Bizkit, Wolfmother, Anathema, Pentagram, DeWolff, uvm. lassen Mother’s Cake genau wegen dieser Energie ihre Shows quer durch Europa und Australien eröffnen.

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The ancient Greek and Roman theatre has long been admired for its sound quality. For years claims have been made that the acoustics were so sophisticated that spectators in the back row could hear the actors with perfect clarity, long before microphones came into play. Meanwhile, studies seem to expose this assumption as a myth. But hey – they are still rad venues for all live performances with Pink Floyd leading the dance of rock bands embedding themselves into rocky bowls.
That’s what Austrian rock colossuses Mother’s Cake tie in with their dazzling takeover of Bergisel stadium – a ski jumping arena disguised as a amphitheater accommodating 25.000 spectators. It’s all quiet and dark though, when an aerial drone shot presents a first glimpse of the most spectacular and iconic venue the alpine city of Innsbruck has to offer. Five musicians wrapped into thick coats, beaming spotlights and calorific walls of sound and noise are defying the bone-chilling cold of a snowy weekend in January and are just about to deliver one of their their most extravagant and flashy live performance so far. Swirling and psychedelic visual art provide a backdrop creating a electrifying and spacy atmosphere that carries right through the whole set. Gradually the massive arena is being flooded with lights and echoey sound waves underpinning a multi-layered adventure for ears and eyes. While some rock bands may deliver more bombastic and theatrical arena performances, few groups can stage a cosmic and edgy live spectacle on the scale of Mother’s Cake. At Bergisel stadium they combine the look and feel of an 80s-inspired display of creatures and patterns with the sounds of a mind-melting rock show.

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Mothers Cake

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low fees and fast delivery
here I found the best price tickets for my MothersCake show, the postal delivery was fast and the hard ticket looks so cool, its now on my wall :-)
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